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TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. (TOMZ) is focused on providing environmental services that use UV ozone, activated hydrogen peroxide and UVGI-Filtration to achieve a safe and healthy indoor environment. The company’s state of the art equipment and 3-Dimensional application inactivate viruses, remove allergens and asthma triggers, and eliminate MRSA, C-Diff, mold spores, odors, anthrax, including all other bacteria and infectious pathogens. The multi-billion dollar target market for the company’s products and services includes hospitals, cruise ships, airlines, commercial, industrial and residential real estate, to name a few. TOMI Environmental derives revenue through direct sale of its services; licensing its technology to remediation firms with expertise in facility restoration, disaster related damage and environmental contamination; and selling its equipment proprietary products and supplies to its licensees. According to the American Medical Association (AMA), half of all illnesses may be caused or aggravated by poor indoor air quality. Recognizing this, TOMI Environmental’s mission is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to live, work and play in a healthy indoor environment. The company offers a unique suite of environmental products and services dedicated to helping consumers and organizations achieve this. The company’s technology is deployed only by highly trained and certified technicians trained in the proper use of its products. Equipped with advanced technology, their technicians or industrial hygienists assess the air quality of commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, homes, offices, or vehicles and provide the solutions needed to eliminate allergens, asthma triggers, pathogens and contaminates.

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TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc.

9454 Wilshire Boulevard, PH/G-1
(310) 275-2255
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