StockProfile.com is a customized platform showcasing emerging growth stocks to independent minded investors. There are well over 10,000 publicly traded companies in the United States alone. The overwhelming majority of these stocks are relatively unknown to the investing public.

StockProfile.com offers a unique information portal for investors choosing to make their own investment decisions and for companies wishing to reach those investors. Users can review all stocks in detail on the website for free.

Over 60% of individual investors have purchased stocks online. Over half (51%) of individual investors make their own choices when it comes to stock market investing. StockProfile.com specifically caters to individual investors by providing a platform to discover dynamic publicly traded companies in a user-friendly environment.

The StockProfile.com platform allows a limited number of companies to profile their stock on the website. The StockProfile.com platform allows these companies to raise their public profile with an audience of independent Internet savvy investors

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